Tree Top Hospital concludes first Laparoscopy Inguinal Hernia Mesh Repair procedure

Tree Top Hospital. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Tree Top Hospital has successfully concluded their first Laparoscopy Inguinal Hernia Mesh Repair procedure.

The hospital details that this is a procedure carried out through the insertion of a thin laparoscope into the body. Accordingly, the laparoscope will be inserted into the body through a small incision made on the lower abdomen.

A hernia is a bulging out or protrusion of an organ or other body tissue through a weakened area in the muscle wall or tissue that holds it in place.

The Laparoscopy Inguinal Hernia Mesh Repair procedure is aimed to relieve the difficulties and pain experienced due to a hernia.

Benefits of this procedure include relief of pain caused by hernias. Moreover, it also heals the protruded area temporarily. The procedure is also considered minimally invasive – significantly decreasing the chances of infections, risk of other complications and also causes less scarring.

Tree Top Hospital added that they utilize the latest technologies in the provision of all its services.

Should you wish to inquire about any of the services provided by the hospital, they request you to call them at 3351610 or send an email to [email protected].