Family alleges security downgraded at Speaker Nasheed’s residence

Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed in Germany to treat injuries he sustained in an IED attack on May 6, 2021.

Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed’s family alleges Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has downgraded security at his private residence, Canaryge, in Galolhu district of Male’ City.

Nasheed’s brother, attorney-at-law Nazim Abdul Sattar told Sun on Tuesday morning that six armed MNDF officers and an officer from Special Protection Group (SPG) had stood guard at Canaryge in the wake of the IED attack on May 6.

Nazim said that the armed officers haven’t come to guard the residence Monday or this Tuesday, and that only an officer from SPG has been standing guard.

In a tweet in the morning, Nazim asked Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi if they downgraded security at Canaryge because he left for AA. Maalhos.

A homemade remote-controlled IED was strapped to motorcycle parked nearby Nasheed’s residence, and was detonated at 08:27 pm on May 6, just as Nasheed, 54, exited his residence and went to get in his car. Nasheed was thrown to the ground and sustained multiple shrapnel injuries, while three members of his security detail and two bystanders sustained minor injuries.

He was rushed to ADK Hospital, where he underwent multiple lifesaving surgeries to remove ball bearings and other shrapnel, some of which perforated his internal organs.

He was transferred to a military hospital in Germany on May 13.

MNDF reinforced Nasheed’s security in the wake of the attack. And the security breach in relation to the attack is the subject of a parliamentary inquiry.