Man involved in fatal crash remanded in custody for 10 days

Criminal Court. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The driver of a motorcycle involved in a fatal crash in Male’ City last May has been remanded in custody of the police for 10 days.

The accident took place when a motorcycle crashed into a hand cart parked on the side of Huvafenee Goalhi at approximately 10:00 pm on Wednesday, May 26.

The person on the backseat of the motorcycle – a 21-year-old Maldivian male – sustained critical injuries in the crash and died shortly after he was taken to ADK Hospital.

The driver – identified as a 26-year-old Maldivian male - fled the scene. He was arrested on May 31.

A police spokesperson said the man was presented before the Criminal Court for his remand hearing on Tuesday. He denied the allegation, stating that the victim was a friend, and that he did not flee the scene.

The court ordered him to the custody of the police for 10 days, citing risk of flight and danger to the community.