Maldives’ COVID-19 death toll rises to 114

ADK Hospital. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has announced an additional COVID-19 fatality in Maldives.

HPA identified the deceased as a 62-year-old Maldivian male.

He was brought to the Emergency Room of ADK Hospital in Male’ and was declared dead at 06:52 pm.

Sun has been informed he was already deceased when taken to the hospital.

“This is the 114th COVID-19 death in the Maldives,” announced HPA.

Maldives has been experiencing a surge in both infection rate and fatalities in recent weeks.

This May has seen the highest number of COVID-19 fatalities in Maldives, with over 30 deaths.

Maldives has 48,608 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 1,187 new cases recorded on Wednesday. 29,644 patients have since recovered, while 112 have died from complications.

The country currently has 18,843 active cases. 274 of the patients are hospitalized.