Court orders to detain suspect in terror attack for 15 days

Ahmed Fathih, 23, Dhunfiniufaa, L. Gan. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

The Criminal Court of the Maldives has ordered the remand of Ahmed Fathih (23) for a period of 15 days after he was arrested in relation to the terrorist attack on May 6 targeting former President Mohamed Nasheed. 

Fathih was arrested in a police anti-extremism operation in the island of B. Dharavandhoo last night. He is originally from the Thundi ward of the island of L. Gan.

Police have earlier this week arrested an alleged top extremist in the capital Male' City in a separate operation. The man arrested has been identified as Abdulla Ali Manik, who was previously jailed for his part in the chaos in the island of AA. Himandhoo in 2007. 

Sun has confirmed that Abdulla Ali Manik was involved in acts of terror and for "waging war against the security forces" in the island of Himandhoo. 

Ali Manik is accused of disrupting peace in the society and even of planning to carry out a terrorist attack when he was arrested.