Repatriation of Maldivian woman who traveled to Syria, Afghan conflicts underway

Women in the Raula Refugee camp of Syria. The camp is believed to be the shelter of several Maldivian women as well.

The Maldives Police Service have commenced efforts for the return of a Maldivian woman and her four children who allegedly traveled to Syria and Afghanistan to take part in the armed conflicts of the nations.

The woman was arrested in Turkey, and the Maldivian Police, in a statement issued tonight said that the woman had entered Turkey from Syria and was arrested by Turkish law enforcement. 

The father of the children is believed to be a man who was or is taking part in the armed conflict in Afghanistan and Syria. The youngest of the four children were born in either Afghanistan or Syria, according to the statement. 

Police also stated that a team was now working in Turkey to make the arrangements for the return of the woman and that confirmation efforts to ensure that the children are indeed the Maldivian woman's are also in the works. Travel documents for the Maldivian citizen are being prepared and legal solutions regarding the citizenship registration for the children born abroad were also underway according to the police statement.

The statement also read that the arrangements to hold the family in the National Reintegration Center, a rehabilitation center for extremism, was also being made. Police said that it was believed that the family would have psychological trauma and issues after living in war-torn and conflict-hit environments such as Syria and Afghanistan.

A number of Maldivians with extremist ideology have fled to join the armed conflicts under the pretext of Jihad. Some have even passed away during the conflicts. Some local women have even married foreigners in the nations after the deaths of their husbands. 

The Maldivian authorities have estimated that there are about 173 Maldivians taking part in such armed conflicts. About 91 percent of those alive are now believed to be women and children.