Maldivian: Pilots have ended the strike, returned to work

Maldivian's seaplanes.

Seaplane pilots of national carrier Maldivian have returned to work, Maldivian has officially stated. 

A number of seaplane pilots of Maldivian went on strike after the termination of Chief Pilot Mustafa Mansoor. The pilots had described the termination as unacceptable. 

A tweet by Maldivian in Dhivehi a short while ago, read that the concerns of the pilots were shared with the management and that the pilots had returned to duty. 

Maldivian’s management promised to find solutions for the concerns expressed by the pilots, read the tweet.

Maldivians PR and Communications Manager Moosa Waseem has previously stated that Captain Mansoor was let go due to restructuring processes of the company operations.