Terror suspect released; to be kept under monitoring

A local man alleged of involvement in terrorist activities abroad being arrested.

A man arrested for suspicions of taking part in the Syrian civil war has been released and is to be monitored by authorities.

Police said that the man arrested on October 15, 2020, after returning to the Maldives from Syria after taking part in the civil war in the nation with a terrorist organization was released from the National Reintegration Center. 

Police also specified that the 34-year old local male was released on December 3. Under the Anti-Terrorism laws of the Maldives, suspected individuals are to be arrested upon returning, and are to be conducted a risk assessment after being placed in a special detention center for 30 days. 

Police will be monitoring the man through a Monicon order. 

The risk assessment is to identify whether such individuals pose a risk to the community at large and whether they have taken part in any terror-related activities and whether they are subject to extremism and terror activities and whether they are trained or a victim of such activity.

Many Maldivians have passed away in Syria after traveling to take part in the civil war. Some widows of these men and children are still stranded in refugee camps. Members of their family have appealed to the government to facilitate their return.