MMA: Forged currency notes are not in circulation

MVR 500 series currency note of the Maldives. (Photo/MMA)

Central Bank of Maldives Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) has assured that forged MVR 500 currency notes were not being circulated in the nation. 

MMA said that it had investigated claims of a fake MVR 500 note which was made public on social media, and stated that it had come to the conclusion that the note was in fact legit. 

MMA spokesperson Mohamed Nasih said that investigation of the photo had shown that it was a valid one but the note had become discolored due for some reason. 

“The note circulated on social media was found and brought in, which led us to determine that it was a valid one. However, we noticed that the note had become discolored for some reason. Chemicals used to rid the color had made the colors of the note fade. The note is a valid one even with these effects.” Said Nasih. 

He also advised bringing forward any notes for which suspicions of forgery were cast upon. 

“We can assure that there are no forged notes circulating in the Maldives.” Said Nasih. 

The current notes being used in the Maldives named as “Ran Dhiha Faheh” were introduced in 2015, and incorporate modern security features. The notes represent Maldivian culture and is made out of polymer.