President's Office discloses details of National Awards 2020

President Solih presenting Sayyidh Hassan with the National Award of Honour. (Photo/President's Office)

The President's Office has revealed details related to the winners of this year's National Awards.

According to the President's Office, 14 individuals are to be presented with the National Award of Honour while the National Award of Recognition will be given to 24 individuals.

The winners were selected by the National Awards Committee, established by the President for the task. 

The President's Office stated that added that 6 of the 14 winners of the National Award of Honour had won the National Award of Recognition in previous years.

Moreover, 20 individuals will receive the President's National Award for Special Achievement this year. The recipients of these awards were selected by the Specials Achievement Awards Committee, also established by the President for the task.

13 of these individuals are those who had achieved the highest rank in their course at their higher education institution, while 6 are individuals who had achieved the highest position in an international competition or exhibition. One individual who had achieved exceptional distinction in completing studies at MQA rank 10 will also be presented with the award.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will also confer special medals to four individuals who have memorized the Holy Quran entirely while attaining the highest grade.

The awards and honors will be presented to the recipients by the President tomorrow, during a special function to commemorate this year's National Unity Day, at Republic Square in Malé City.

President Solih will also address the nation during the ceremony. Home Minister Imran Abdulla is also scheduled to speak regarding National Unity Day.

The ceremony will also include a moment of silence in remembrance of those who were lost or had lost their lives in the 2004 tsunami disaster.