Govt. virus expenditure nears MVR 3 billion

Inside the COVID-19 village facility in Hulhumale'.

The government expenditure for COVID-19 operations has risen to MVR 2.6 billion. 

Finance Ministry statistics show that the government spending on social and health expenses had increased to MVR 1.3 billion by October 29. 

The largest proportion of the expenditure was by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), totaling at MVR 787.4 billion. Health Ministry expenditure came at second with MVR 203.8 billion. Most of the expenditure was on procurement operations, totaling MVR 521.8 million. 

Economic operations of COVID-19 had set the state back by about MVR 1.3 billion. MVR 1.1 billion was spent on relief loans while MVR 121.2 million was spent on income support allowances. Electricity bill discounts cost the state about MVR 47.3 million.

The Maldivian economy and especially the tourism industry have been hit hard by COVID-19, leading the government to obtain loans from foreign sources.