Local tourism hub Maafushi receives more than 100 visitors in 6 days

The first tourists arrive in Maafushi on October 15, 2020, after the COVID-19 lockdown. (Photo/Twitter)

The Maldivian Tourism industry was the worst affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making the Maldives, one of the worst-hit nations economically due to the virus. 

Now, the country and the industry are slowly recommencing with one of the biggest feat being the reopening of local islands for tourism.

From July 15 to October 14, only resorts and safaris in the Maldives were permitted to operate. Guesthouses and city hotels in local islands were permitted to operate from October 15 after meeting certain requirements. One of the biggest names in the local tourism sector, Maafushi has so far shown extremely promising numbers, in terms of tourist arrivals within just six days. 

A total of 102 tourists have visited the local tourism hub in six days, according to the council of the island. Maafushi has a total of 35 guesthouses with a bed capacity of 1,100.

Tourism Ministry statistics show that 28 guesthouses in the Maldives have so far been permitted to reopen, including six from Maafushi. Guesthouses are permitted to open after meeting certain safety requirements. Guests and members of the public in these islands are mandated to wear masks at all times. The islands should also have a flu clinic and isolation facilities. 

86 islands in the Maldives are home to guesthouses with a bed capacity of more than 10,000. The industry is a source of income for more than 6,000 individuals, and around 10 percent of the tourist market is occupied by the guesthouse industry.

Local tourism has and still remains as an important lifeline for many islands. Displaying the beautiful, unique culture and way of life of Maldivians, the particular sector of tourism best shows just why the Maldives is so sought after.