President assures foreign ties will not impede sovereignty of nation

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi at the flag hoisting ceremony on National Day 2020. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on the occasion of this year’s National Day has assured that foreign relations between the Maldives and other nations would not impede the sovereignty and independence of the nation. 

The President said that the Maldives was carrying forward relations with all nations with the assurance of sovereignty and independence to attain benefits from these relations to the public. 

He also highlighted on the situation with foreign relations back when he took office. The President said that the Maldives had very much been sidelined from the international community which obstructed a lot of aid and assistance as well as support from other nations.

“When the current administration took over, the Maldives was very much isolated from the international community. Becausse of that, a lot of benefits and aid for the Maldives and its people were obstructed.” Said the President. 

The President said that the nation was fortunate that foreign relations had been rebuilt when COVID-19 hit the nation before expressing gratitude towards the international community for the kind assistance and support extended to the Maldives in light of the pandemic. 

Speaking on the fears that relations with India could impede the sovereignty of the nation the President said that in the modern world, the political, economic ideology was that independent sovereign nations were in a connected and friendly community as a whole. 

“Our beloved nation, the Maldives is also a part of this community one family or household of this community.” Said the President. 

The President reminded the public that the nation was blessed with a lot of pride when it comes to nationality. The biggest blessing, the President noted is the light of Islam and the shared culture and language, which increased the pride and honor of the people. Retaining these pillars is the responsibility of every Maldivian, said the President. 

“Believe that this is a national treasure entrusted. Upholding and maintaining these pillars is a responsibility of all Maldivians who address the nation as the motherland.” Said the President. 

The President then noted that the National Day was a day of celebration for salvation from a colonial power and that the biggest reassurance and happiness is the existence of a defense force ready and prepared to sacrifice themselves with blood for the nation. 

“This is something every Maldivian is proud of.” Said the President.