Guesthouses in Maldives readying for reopening

The popular local tourism island of K. Maafushi.

Tourism Ministry has said that only a few guesthouses are currently permitted to reopen as guesthouses in Maldives prepare to reopen tomorrow. Guesthouses in locations other than Male’ area will be permitted to reopen tomorrow. 

A Tourism Ministry official said to Sun that just two establishments were currently permitted to reopen so far after the completion of necessary inspections and procedures for the reopening. 

“They are two guesthouses in N. Fodhdhoo and K. Huraa.” Said the official who added that permits for more guesthouses were on the way. 

Maafushi in K. Atoll, is one of the major hubs of local tourism in the country. (Sun File Photo/Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim)

Guesthouses in V. Atoll, A. A. Atoll, K. Atoll, N. Atoll are to be provided with permits today. Based on individual islands, some guesthouses in K. Maafushi, A. A. Thoddoo, A. A. Ukulhas, and V. Thinadhoo were to be provided with permissions. 

Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has now traveled to the island of K. Maafushi to welcome guests. More activity on the island is planned due to the reopening of the guesthouses on the island. Maafushi is at the top of the guesthouse business in the Maldives with a total of 35 guesthouses.

Guesthouses in the nation were closed on March 17 due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Back then, there were 629 guesthouses operational with a total bed capacity of 10,075. 

Guesthouses are to be reopened after meeting stringent safety requirements by the Ministry which are to be inspected by the local councils of islands. Tourism Ministry has previously said that guesthouses in Male’ are will be permitted to reopen after a two-week period of a drop in cases below five percent.