Move against Fayyaz continues within MDP

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed (R), Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail (L).

Parliament Speaker, MDP leader Mohamed Nasheed said on Wednesday that work to remove Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail, one of the most influential figures within the current administration, continues within the main ruling party.

Work to gather signatures to submit a no-confidence motion to the Parliament against Fayyaz, led by several MDP parliamentarians, began in August.

However, the work was stalled following lack of sufficient support from within MDP’s parliament to pass the motion.

In a press conference on Wednesday night, former Maldivian President Nasheed said that a no-confidence motion against a government minister wasn’t submitted to the Parliament.

“No work of the sort took place at the Parliament. Necessary arrangements will take place at the parliament floor once a no-confidence motion against a government minister signed by 10 parliamentarians is submitted,” he said.

However, he repeatedly stated that work is being done within MDP.

Nasheed said that MDP is continuously engaged in internal discussions regarding members of the party and government ministers, and continuously engaged in work based on the discussions. He said that the process involves a lot of debate.

“I repeat, no one signed to submit a no-confidence motion to the Parliament. There is work in progress within MDP,” he said.

Nasheed said that MDP has consistently advocated for two things; preventing torture within prisons and preventing corruption. He said that prevention of corruption is necessary for good governance.

“We see the party speak out against things unfolding in a manner that it believes facilitates corruption. I am unable to elaborate, provide an additional answer on this here in this podium,” he said.

In a conversation on the MDP national council group on Whatsapp in August, Nasheed accused Fayyaz of corruption in awarding government contracts, warning him that he will not be allowed to behave like a “bro” within the party.

MDP is divided over the move to remove Fayyaz from power. Multiple parliamentarians, and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih himself, have expressed their confidence in Fayyaz.