MMPRC takes part in travel show targeted for 3 countries

A resort of the Maldives.

Maldives Media and Public Relations Company (MMPRC) has taken part to represent the Maldives at the International Media Marketplace to showcase the nation.

The media event is targeted for German, Swiss, and Austrian travel markets. The show held virtually for two days, saw the Maldives marketed and the latest information on COVID-19 disbursed to travelers. 

The show had a reach of about 1 million with notable TV and media taking part in the show. Information on the Rediscover Maldives campaign and the Maldives Border Miles program was also disbursed at the show. 

The purpose of the travel campaign is to market the nation as a ‘safe haven’. 

Germany has traditionally been one of the biggest source markets of tourism to the Maldives. Germany remains among the top five markets even today. Before COVID-19, the Maldives had recorded 28,228 German travelers as well as 9,170 Swiss and 6,197 Austrian travelers.