EC: No pressure of any sort for political party laws amendments

EC President Ahmed Shareef. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Elections Commission President Ahmed Shareef has stated that the amendment for the political party laws in the Maldives were not due to any pressure of any type. 

Shareef was speaking in discussions with political parties over the proposed amendments.

“I am assuring you, that the amendments for the political party laws do not stem from any pressure from anyone or on the orders of any sponsor.” Said Shareef during the meeting. 

Work on the amendments had commenced before the parliamentary elections last year, said Shareef who reminded party officials that they had been provided the opportunity to submit their own amendments. Shareef then noted that the amendments currently included those proposed by the Elections Commission. 

Shareef said that political parties would be the ones implementing the amendments and that it was a necessity to learn the views of political parties regarding the amendments. 

The biggest concern towards political parties was the inclusion of citizens as party members without their consent or knowledge. 

“We have proposed an amendment to increase the participation of women in party leadership ranks. The view of the parties are now important for this.” Said Shareef who noted that this was also to be implemented by political parties.

Political parties and financial allowances were also proposed changes under the amendments in addition to more easements and conveniences for political parties, said Shareef.