Medtech introduces 15-minute COVID-19 test to Maldives

COVID-19 test that provides results within 15 minutes.

Medtech Maldives Pvt Ltd has introduced to the Maldives a portable antigen test for COVID-19 that presents results within 15 minutes.

The test is by the US company Abbott which is among the top laboratory test equipment producers in the world. Medtech is the authorized distributor of Abbott in the Maldives.

BinaxNOW™ a rapid, highly portable, and affordable tool for detecting active COVID-19 infections at massive scale to the Maldives.

The machine developed by the US company Abbott delivers test results in just 15 minutes with no instrumentation, using proven lateral flow technology with demonstrated sensitivity of 97.1% and specificity of 98.5% in clinical studies.

It is an affordable tool to detect active infections. Abbott stated that the test is an EU approved test which uses a nasal swab and a credit card-sized test kit to provide results within 15 minutes, 

Abbott will ship tens of millions of tests in September, ramping to 50 million tests a month at the beginning of October, said the company on its website.