6 arrested from Maduvvari on terror charges released from custody

Police officers raid a residence linked with alleged religious extremists in R. Maduvvari on December 18, 2019. (Photo/Maduvvari Online)

The Criminal Court has ordered the release of six men arrested from R. Maduvvari in December 2019, and charged with supporting a terrorist organization.

The six men arrested in the case are:

  • Ibrahim Jihad, Gulalaage, R. Maduvvari
  • Hassan Razi, Meera, R. Maduvvari
  • Hassan Siyad, Meezan, R. Maduvvari
  • Adam Suhail, Meezan, R. Maduvvari
  • Mohamed Maujood, Saeedha Manzil, R. Maduvvari
  • Ibrahim Shibni, Gahaa, N. Manadhoo

Maujood was charged with possession of a photo indicating support for a terrorist organization under the Counter-Terrorism Act, while the remaining five were charged with supporting a terrorist organization under the Counter-Terrorism Act.

All the defendants, except for Razi, were released from custody during a previous hearing.

Criminal Court hearing on September 23, 2020.

The Criminal Court ordered the release of Razi, who has also been charged with possession and production of pornographic material, on Wednesday, after his lawyer requested for similar allowances to be made to his detainment situation as awarded to the rest of the defendants.

The release of the defendants has not been contested by the state at the court.

Criminal Court was unable to proceed with the virtual hearing on Wednesday after some of the defense lawyers faced internet connectivity issues.