Speaker Nasheed calls to sideline influential Economic Minister

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed (R), Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail (L)

Speaker of the Parliament and MDP leader Mohamed Nasheed has requested to sideline Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail from his post.

Nasheed made the request in a letter he sent to the chairperson of MDP Hassan Latheef to sideline one of the most influential cabinet members of the administration. 

Last month, Nasheed even made allegations of corruption regarding government infrastructure projects against the Minister. Nasheed had even worked to initiate a vote of no confidence against the Minister within the Parliament, which failed due to the lack of sufficient support by parliamentarians.

Nasheed who is currently in the United Kingdom, sent the letter to the chairperson of MDP, stating his belief as the party leader that Fayyaz should be sidelined. He added that he had nothing personal in the matter. 

Nasheed stated that his belief that Fayyaz should be sidelined was to save any possible damage that could be inflicted on the party. Nasheed even stated that the public viewed the party as a “pure” party and was voted for by nearly half the population of the country. He added that one of the most notable aspects of the party was the lack of acts of corruption from officials of the party, even during the first administration of the party. After the administration, the party had still maintained the status in the seven years since then, said Nasheed.

A criminal investigation of Minister Fayyaz regarding corruption allegations was not political, said Nasheed who noted that Fayyaz remained a responsibility of the party. 

Nasheed said he was not attempting to procure votes and was working to realize the dream of the part. He requested on all party members to deliberate on the point before requesting Hassan Latheef to publicize the letter for all party members to see. 

MDP is currently divided on the situation with Minister Fayyaz. Some MPs and even President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had also pledged support for the Minister.