Applications open for 47 housing units in Fuvahmulah

Government housing units in Fuvahmulah City. (File Photo/PSM)

Applications have been opened for the remaining 47 housing units built under the government housing scheme, Gedhoruverikurun, in Fuvahmulah City.

200 housing units were built in Fuvahmulah under the Gedhoruverikurun scheme; 120 of which are reserved for residents of Fuvahmulah, and 20 of which are reserved for residents of other islands who wish to migrate to the city.

Fuvahmulah City Council announced on Thursday that applications are now open for 40 units under the A category – reserved for residents of the city – and 7 units under the B category – reserved for residents of other islands who wish to move to the city. 

Interested parties may submit their applications starting Sunday, August 30. 

The deadline for applications is 02:00 pm on Thursday, September 10.

The city council has instructed applicants who passed requirements but failed to secure housing units during the previous round to inform the council via letter if they wish to enter their applications in the new round.

They have also been instructed to re-submit their applications if their living situation has undergone changes since the last round was held, or if they wish to submit any new documents.

Application forms will be issued an accepted from by the council’s land use section during official working hours on weekdays.

The city council has warned it will not accept applications submitted with incomplete information or missing documents.