Information webinar held for travelers from India

Private jets parked on the tarmac of Velana International Airport. The airport broke the record for air traffic movements on January 5, 2019 with 811 recorded movements. (Photo/MACL)

A webinar to provide information on the current COVID-19 situation of the Maldives as well as to market the country to travelers from India has been held.

The Maldives reopened its borders after four months in lockdown due to COVID-19. The webinar held jointly by the Tourism Ministry, MMPRC, HPA, Foreign Ministry as well as Maldivian High Commission and consulate in Trivandrum India, focused on safety measures imposed in the nation in light of COVID-19.

Screenshot of the online webinar held by the Maldivian government for travelers from India on July 30, 2020.

Information related to airports, tourist establishments as well as the policy level measures are undertaken by the Maldives due to COVID-19 was explained during the webinar. Maldivian government figures also responded to questions by participants of the webinar.

Around 181 outbound travel operators from India took part in the webinar. The Maldives is a popular destination among travelers from India.