3 Maldivian patients in Indian hospital pass away

Three Maldivian patients transported to Amrita Hospital in the Indian city of Kochi under the sponsorship of public health insurance company Aasandha have passed away.

Aasandha announced on Saturday that the three patients in question had already been in critical condition, and had been ruled by the doctors to have no hope of recovery when sent to India.

The death of the three Maldivian patients come after Aasandha announced that three people among the patients and their caretakers who were sent to Amrita Hospital have tested positive for the new coronavirus.

 Aasandha clarified that the three Maldivian who passed away are not coronavirus patients.

Aasandha has stated that the coronavirus cases among the patients and their caretakers sent to Amrita Hospital has led to  them being quarantined and isolated separately, and that there is no more space for new patients to be quarantined for treatment at the hospital.

The next batch of patients and their caretakers sent to India under the sponsorship of Aasandh are scheduled to depart on Wednesday. They will be taken to KIMS Hospital for treatment.