Complaint regarding PG Shameem submitted to Bar Council

Hussain Shameem: He secured the approval of the Parliament for appointment as Prosecutor General on December 7, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A complaint regarding the Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem involving conflict of interest in the MMPRC scandal has been submitted to the Maldives Bar Council.

The complaint, confirmed by Bar Council, involves violations of ethics by the PG and the representation of the state by the PG while having a conflict of interest.

Maldives Bar Council has not yet announced how it will proceed with the complaint. PG Shameem could not be reached for a comment regarding the complaint. 

The complaint regarding Shameem is that before being appointed as the PG, he had represented Abdulla Ziyath, the former Managing Director of MMPRC, who was convicted regarding charges related to the MMPRC scandal.

Shameem had also represented Mohamed Hussain, from G. Oevaali who was also accused in the scandal.

In addition to the above two, Shameem most notably served as the attorney for Ahmed Adeeb, the former Vice President who is thought to be one of the main figures involved in the scandal. Shameem represented Adeeb in a separate case where Adeeb was accused of involvement in the presidential speedboat explosion in 2015.

The complaint submitted to the Bar Council read that it was a conflict of interest that Shameem was serving as the chief prosecutor for the state despite his former links. 

The complaint also read that Shameem may seek to use information obtained from his former clients and gain an unfair advantage.

Furthermore, the complaint alleges that Shameem tried to cover up the actual amount of payments he received while representing the figures involved in the MMPRC scandal.

It was contrary to the ethics of attorneys for a party to have worked directly for an opposing party and later on represent the state. Shameem’s conduct would create mistrust among the public, read the complaint.

The complaint requested the Bar Council to investigate the conduct of Shameem, citing the Legal Profession Bill. 

The Legal Profession Bill was cited in the complaint where the chapters which stipulate that attorneys are not to represent in cases where they cannot work independently or have prior knowledge from working for the other party previously, or have worked for the other party involved the case previously were stated.

The complaint also alleged that Shameem provided misleading information, conducted misrepresentation, obstructed justice, misused official capacity and was involved in money laundering, before requesting the Bar Council to submit his case to an investigative body.