Two arrested for violating home quarantine regulations

An aerial shot of Fuvahmulah City. (File Photo)

Twi individuals have been arrested in the southern city of Fuvahmulah for violating home quarantine measures, Fuvahmulah City Council has said.

The two individuals had gone outdoors in violation of the home quarantine policy, where they are required to refrain from going outdoors as a precaution against COVID-19.

One of the individuals has been remanded to custody for 14 days. No comment is available from the police regarding the matter.

Individuals under home quarantine in islands are required to isolate for 14-days pending the outcome of their COVID-19 test results. 

Photo shows locals who requested to return back to their residential islands on their way to quarantine facilities.

Fuvahmulah Council requested everyone to adhere to the strict precautionary measures fro the safety of the entire community.

A positive case of COVID-19 was recently identified in G.A Maamendhoo. The case was an individual under home quarantine on the island that had returned from Male' City, the epicenter of the outbreak in the Maldives. Two others quarantined at the same residence also tested positive for the virus. 

A total of 13 were quarantined in association with the case. They include travelers and contacts of the positive cases that were in G.A. Gemanafushi and Maamendhoo. 

NEOC announced that the positive cases in Maamendhoo had not violated home quarantine policies, which means that the risk of the disease spreading on the island is extremely low.