Quarantined individual in G.A Maamendhoo positive for COVID-19

G.A. Maamendhoo. (Sun Photo/Muzayyin Nazim)

An individual placed under home quarantine in the southern island of G.A. Maamendhoo has tested positive for COVID-19.

G.A. Atoll Council president Ahmed Fuaad, speaking with Sun, said that the positive individual was a 28-year old male. The individual had traveled to the island on June 13. 

Samples from the individual were collected last Tuesday.

Fuaad said that 86 others had traveled with him on the same flight. They include individuals under home quarantine at Maamendhoo and Gemanafushi.

Maamendhoo Council president Mohamed Zaeem said that the individual had traveled to Male’ after the community spread in the capital. 

Two others were quarantined at the residence along with the man. However, samples were collected only from the individual.

“HPA informed the focal point of the island today that the man had tested positive,” said Zaeem.

There are currently 29 individuals in home quarantine on the island.