JSC opens inquiry into top Civil Court judge

Civil Court senior judge Abdulla Ali.

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has decided to open an investigation into senior Civil Court judge Abdulla Ali.

The JSC has previously said that it was looking into two complaints regarding the judge. The current matter under investigation is regarding a rejected case decided in absentia when the plaintiff in the case had appointed a representative to the court.

The Commission also announced that it was looking into another case involving the magistrate of G.A. Kondey. The Kondey magistrate Mohamed Ibrahim is accused of being negligent in the appointment of a family member as the administrative officer of the court. 

JSC is also looking into separate cases involving Fuvahmulah magistrate Mul’ha Ali and senior magistrate of Hulhumale court Siyaamaa Mohamed.

Four instances involving the Fuvahmulah magistrate is being reviewed. The first case involves inappropriate relations between the magistrate and parties to cases at the court. The second case involves overruling a detainment order of another magistrate regarding a party in a sexual abuse case. The third case regarding the magistrate involves alleged evidence tampering in an investigation related to businesses with family involvement.

An Investigative Committee was formed today in the JSC meeting for the cases being probed.