200 more Bangladeshi migrants repatriated

Bangladeshi nationals in the Maldives boarding an aircraft to take them back home. (Photo/Maldivian)

Maldivian has repatriated 200 more Bangladeshi nationals from the Maldives.

The repatriation efforts are being conducted by national carrier Maldivian and the government of Maldives. So far, around 2,300 Bangladeshi nationals have been repatriated in such operations.

A flight chartered by the government of Maldives also transported Bangladeshi nationals. A Bangladeshi military aircraft also transported around 70 migrants. 

Authorities in the Maldives estimate that around 63,000 migrants are living in the Maldives undocumented. 

Out of the confirmed cases for COVID-19 in the Maldives, 1,087 individuals are Bangladeshi nationals. Four Bangladeshi nationals have also passed away due to the virus.