Maldivian has now repatriated more than 2,000 Bangladeshis

Bangladeshi nationals await at airport check-in counters to return home.

National carrier Maldivian has so far repatriated more than 2000 Bangladeshi nationals from the country.

A flight departed today as well, carrying more than 200 Bangladeshi nationals. Foreign Ministry said that the total number of repatriated Bangladeshi nationals via air now stood at 2,100.

Bangladeshi nationals make up the highest number of migrants in the Maldives based on nationality.

Other than via Maldivian flights, Bangladeshi nationals have also been repatriated through other means. A military aircraft of Bangladesh had also repatriated around 70 individuals. A flight chartered by the government of the Maldives and naval vessels of India had also repatriated around 2,000 individuals.

The Maldives has a large number of undocumented immigrants. Authorities estimate that the figure may be as high as 63,000. 

The majority of COVID-19 cases in the country are also foreign nationals. They include 1,046 Bangladeshi nationals, 190 Indian nationals, 24 Nepali nationals, 11 Sri Lankans as well as 11 Italians among other nationalities.

Authorities have stated that the migrant worker population were at the most risk of being exposed to the virus the living condition and congested residences that they are forced to live in.