Man left behind at sea rescued

R. Maduvvari.

A man has been rescued from the sea after diving for baitfish from a boat from the island of R. Maduvvari.

Sources have said that the boat from which the man dived from had left after collecting the bait, leaving the man at sea. Crew members realized that the man was missing during weighing processes for the fish caught. 

After nearly two hours at sea, the man was finally rescued by a boat from K. Huraa. He is now receiving treatment at the health center of Maduvvari.

The Health Center confirmed that the man was stable. The man is a middle-aged Maldivian.

Police have said that a man was rescued near R. Atoll Mahidhoo by a boat from K. Huraa around 17:57. The man brought back to Maduvvari by a dinghy by Police and the citizens of Maduvvari.

Police are now looking into the matter.