Chief of Defense commends army for COVID-19 operations

Chief of Defense Force, Maj. General Abdulla Shamaal. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Chief of Defense Force, Maj. General Abdulla Shamaal has commended the MNDF for its operations and roles in the joint operations of institutions against COVID-19 in the Maldives.

MNDF are mainly involved in the logistics of the operations but are also involved in almost every other aspect of the operations as well.

A video issued by the Defense Force today, saw the Chief of Defense commend his officers for their tireless efforts all over the country. Maj. General Shamaal also stressed the importance of the army command centers across the country during these operations.

“I would just like to especially note the massive part of area commands, including Northern Area Command, Central Area Command, and Southern Area Command, during the operations by the Joint Task Force and Male’ Area Command of the MNDF.” Said the Chief of Defense.

MNDF were behind the construction of the COVID-19 village in Hulhumale’, built to treat patients. The facility’s construction was also taken part by other state institutions as well.

Unfortunately, some MNDF officers even tested positive for the virus while working at the facility, after a massive cluster of the virus was identified at the location. The work of the facility was completed by the officers, who remained in lockdown at the location, despite being in direct contact of some positive cases.

“They said to us that they did not want to go into quarantine without completing the project, no matter what. So we worked by placing the entire location on lockdown.” Said the Chief.

He also stated that the Defense Force were ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of saving Maldivian citizens from the virus. 

“We will make any sacrifice we can, to save Maldivians from COVID-19, god willing. The army will be working until the last man.” Said the Chief.

MNDF are also involved in quarantine and isolation facilities across the country in works such as managing the facilities to cooking. MNDF are in charge of the facilities. They are also involved in the delivery work of essential supplies to households of the capital which is under lockdown. Other than the COVID-19 village cases, MNDF officers have tested positive for the virus while involved in other frontline operations.