ADK Hospital announces review into infant's death

Photo shows the entrance of the ADK hospital in Male' city. (Photo/ADK)

ADK Hospital has announced that it is investigating a case of an infant that passed away at the hospital.

The four-month-old infant was reported to have died due to a lack of treatment by some local media.

A statement regarding the case issued by ADK today read that it was undertaking the set policy for such situations in this case.

ADK stated that the infant’s treatment was undertaken by emergency doctors under the advice of specialists as soon as the child was brought to the Emergency Room. Ultrasound scans and CT scans were also conducted to diagnose the child’s condition, read the statement by ADK.

“Due to a change in the child’s condition, a team of anesthesiologists, operation doctors, an emergency physician, and a pediatrician treated the child. However, the child’s life could not be saved,” 

“A detailed review of the case as per the Standard Operating Procedure of the hospital for such situations has been initiated.” Read the statement by ADK.

The hospital also added that the details of the developments in the case have now been shared with the family. Details of the investigation would be revealed when it is concluded, read the statement by the hospital.