One COVID-19 patient at Tree Top Hospital in serious condition

Tree Top Hospital, located in Hulhumale'. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) medical officer Dr. Moosa Muraad has stated that a COVID-19 patient being treated in Tree Top Hospital was in a serious condition.

He said that ten patients were being treated at the hospital. Out of them, two were being supported by ventilators. Another patient who was not supported by a ventilator was in a serious condition, said Dr. Muraad who added that the patient is being closely monitored.

“Currently, four COVID-19 patients are being treated with ventilators. One more is in a serious condition, even if not supported by a ventilator, the patient is being treated a bit more seriously due to the condition.” Said Dr. Muraad.

The other patients at the hospital were all doing well and no other complications have so far been identified. Two individuals who are not that sick are also at the hospital since they were the family members of a child admitted at the hospital.

Those in serious conditions of the virus are treated at Tree Top Hospital and Dharumavantha Hospital’s DH11 facility.

Three patients are currently being treated at DH11, said Dr. Muraad. Two of them are being supported with ventilators while the third patient was now recovering. The doctor said that the patient could hopefully be moved to another facility in the near future.

Maldives has so far confirmed 955 cases of COVID-19, with 40 recoveries. Four people have also passed away due to the virus.