Sports Minister returns to volunteer work after virus isolation

April 20, 2020: Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmed Mahloof (Second from Right) placed himself in isolation after two cases of Covid-19 were tested positive from Ihsaan Fihaara, a local shop where the Minister had been volunteering in delivery work as the capital city was placed in lockdown.

Minister for Youth and Sports, Ahmed Mahloof has returned back to volunteer works to deliver essential goods to households from shops.

The Minister went into a period of self-isolation upon the instructions of Health Protection Agency, after two staff of the Ihsaan Fihaara tested positive for COVID-19. Minister Mahloof had volunteered at the shop before the employees were tested positive.

In a tweet today, Minister Mahloof stated that he had once again returned to the volunteer works of Ihsaan Fihaara after a period of 15 days. He added that the most important lesson out of the whole ordeal was to follow and adhere to the safety and prevention measures of HPA issued regarding delivery work. 

Before going into isolation, Minister Mahloof had volunteered in several shops of the capital. Two employees of Ihsaan Fihaara tested positive for the virus on April 20. This led the HPA to issue a request that anyone who had visited the shop within a certain time period to report themselves.

Minister Mahloof had led a team of 500 volunteers before going to into isolation. The team of volunteers incldue several employees of the Youth and Sports Ministry as well.  

Other than Minister Mahloof, Minister Fayyaz has also announced a few days back, that he had completed a period of isolation after contact with a positive case of COVID-19.