Minister Mahloof places himself in isolation

April 20, 2020: Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmed Mahloof (Second from Right) placed himself in isolation after two cases of Covid-19 were tested positive from Ihsaan Fihaara, a local shop where the Minister had been volunteering in delivery work as the capital city was placed in lockdown.

Youth and Sports Minister of Maldives Ahmed Mahloof has placed himself in isolation after two individuals working in Ihsaan Fihaara tested positive for Covid-19. Minister Mahloof had been volunteering in delivery work in the shop as the capital city was placed in lockdown.

The Minister began working as a volunteer at the shop last Saturday and had shifted between several shops in the capital in a bid to assist the public as much as possible during the lockdown. Difficulties have been posed in the delivery of basic necessities to households due to the immense demand.

It was announced in a news conference today that two foreign employees of Ihsaan Fihaara, a popular local shop in the capital had tested positive for the virus. HPA did not specify which outlet of the Ihsaan Fihaara that the two employees had been working in. There are three outlets of the shop in the capital.

Minister Mahloof in a tweet stated that he has been in isolation ever since the announcement was made and was following the relevant procedures.

Youth Ministry had announced last week that it was searching for volunteers in the lockdown and the Minister leading by example had signed up as well.

A total of 15 cases had been confirmed positive in the capital today alone. The total number of positive cases in the capital currently stands at 47 with the total figure for the country now at 67.