Leaflets on how to conduct daily life in lock down prepared

Photo shows two bystanders in a road in Male' city wearing face masks. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Leaflets on how to conduct daily life in a situation of lockdown have been formed.

Ina news conference held today, Male’ city mayor Shifa Mohamed stated that HPA had formed a leaflet on how to conduct daily life in a situation of lockdown.

“For example, if you are stuck in an apartment, stuck as if you are to remain in case of sickness, what to do along with your family, all of this information has been prepared by the HPA and put into a leaflet.” Said, Mayor Shifa.

HPA is set to provide the leaflets soon.

“The leaflet will include all of the information.” Said Mayor Shifa.

How to clean the apartment, and how to connect gas in case of difficulties, how to source food and cook, sleeping and information related to the virus will be included in the leaflet, according to Mayor Shifa.

“My advice is for everyone familiarize themselves with this.” Said Mayor Shifa.

The Maldives has confirmed 13 cases of the virus. Five of those cases have since made recoveries. The country has not reported a positive case of the virus for more than a week now. However, the government is not taking any chances in its efforts to contain the virus.