MWSC installs sinks in three locations of Male', to encourage good hygiene

Photo shows sinks installed by MWSC unveiled on March 23, 2020 in a bid to encourage good hygiene in the country.

MWSC has installed sinks in three locations across Male’ city in a bid to cleanliness and good hygiene at a time when the world is being threatened by a pandemic.

Medical professionals have advised to frequent hand washing and maintaining good hygiene to stay safe from the Covid-19 virus.

The sinks in the capital city were placed in the local market area, fish market area and Vilimale’ ferry terminal area for public use. The sinks will enable people to wash their hands and maintain a good standard of hygiene even when outdoors.

Sinks have also been placed in some other islands across the country on the initiative of the residents and island councils.

Cleaning efforts in Male’ city were also commenced by MNDF today. The project conducted along with the Male’ city council saw roads in the capital washed and cleaned with chlorinated water.

The Maldives has confirmed 13 cases of the Covid-19 virus so far out of which five have since made full recoveries. However, the government is not taking any chances on the virus spreading and has implemented stringent steps to ensure this.