Resort in lockdown says it will follow instructions of authorities

Kuredu Island Resort in Lh. Atoll.

Kuredu Island Resort has stated that it will be following the instructions of the authorities and that the resort had enough supply of necessities for its guests and employees despite being placed in lockdown.

The first two cases of the Covid-19 disease in the country were confirmed from the resort last night and the resort stated that it takes the safety of its employees and guests as the top priority.

In a short statement released, the resort stated that no employees or guests have left the island since the restrictive measures were placed on the island. No flights will also be operated to the island until the quarantine duration expired.

“We have the basic necessities for everyone on the island. We assure that we can take care of the employees and tourists on the resort.” read the statement by the resort before adding that information regarding the status of the resort will be publicized.