Search underway for missing speedboat at sea

Coastguard harbor patrol. (File Photo/MNDF)

MNDF Coastguard has begun searching for a speedboat missing at sea.

Reports of the missing speedboat were received around 22:44, according to MNDF. The speedboat was traveling from G.Dh Fiyoari to Addu city.

MNDF Information Officer, Maj. Ibrahim Azim confirmed that a report regarding a speedboat named "Miho Palace" that had departed around 18:45 from Fyoari and could not be contacted afterward was received.

Maj. Azim stated that MNDF's southern area Coastguard squadron was now searching for the speedboat. He also stated that efforts led to a connection to be established with the boat around 00:05 tonight but was shortly lost. He also stated that the connection did not lead to any legible communications.