Allied Insurance, Police kick off road safety awareness campaign

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed (L) and Managing Director of Allied Insurance Company Mohamed Shafaaz (R) are pictured at an MoU signing ceremony for the "Rakkaa" awareness campaign, launched on January 30, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The fifth program of a campaign named “Rakkaa” by Allied Insurance Company and Maldives Police Service to create public awareness about road safety has commenced.

The agreement between Allied and Police was signed today. Managing Director Mohamed Shafaz signed on behalf of Allied while the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed signed the agreement on behalf of Police.

This is the fifth year of the campaign and it will focus on four major cities of the country.

“From creating awareness on the topic from now, it will benefit the country in the long term,” said Shafaaz.

Commissioner Hameed stated that the campaign would run throughout the year.

“This campaign has been run before, this time, the program will be held throughout the year, programs to impart our public message of awareness and sensitization will be carried out with the creativity of Allied, through this campaign.” said the Commissioner.