All eyes on Minister Mahloof’s shirt!

Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof is pictured receiving an award from Ooredoo during a ceremony. (Photo/Ooredoo)

At a ceremony by Ooredoo along with its partners, Youth Minister Mahloof grabbed all the attention with a shirt that has been a talking point in the public.

While some have said that the shirt is fashionable and nice, others were quick to joke that the shirt was a “color mix”. This was soon replaced with talks regarding the price of the shirt.

Some estimate that the price of the shirt stands at USD 800. Others said that the shirt was priced at around USD 700 and was a Dolce and Gabbana item of the Harold lineup.

All the debate finally led to the Minister stepping in to clarify the case.

“Even if took return tickets and traveled to Dubai and came back after purchasing the shirt on New Year’s sale, the price would still be lower than USD 800.” was the Minister’s response.