Dhiraagu signs agreement with movie star Azza

Senior officials of Dhiraagu are pictured with local movie star Mariyam Azza. The company entered into an agreement with Azza to create new content for the Dhiraagu TV platform. (Photo/Dhiraagu)

Dhiraagu has signed an agreement with local movie star Mariyam Azza to create new content that will be streamed on Dhiraagu TV.

The agreement was signed at a ceremony held in the Dhiraagu head office today. With the new agreement, new content will be created for the video-on-demand platform of Dhiraagu TV which will be available within 2020.

Azza stated that it was a huge honor for her career to get the opportunity by such a huge company as Dhiraagu to create content.

“Dhiraagu is a company that recognizes the hard work of artists and with a plan, encourages artists to take the sector to a new level by providing financial and technical assistance, especially to those involved in the movie sector,” said Azza.

Dhiraagu is the first IPTV service provider in the country and offers a platform that is easy to navigate. The company has an emphasis on promoting local content and artists.