MNDF: Search for 2 lost at sea to continue, large area already covered

An MNDF coastguard vessel is pictured at sea.

MNDF has conducted searches in a sizeable area for the two people missing from the separate two accidents that occurred at sea recently.

MNDF stated that the searches for the missing captain of a ship that got marooned on a reef near K. Kagi and a man from B. Eydhafushi that went missing after an accident near B. Dhonfanu had covered a substantial area.

The missing captain has been named as Mohamed Yoosuf from Haveeree Naaz, H. Dh. Kulhudhuffushi and the missing man from the accident in B. Atoll are Nasrullah Abdulla from Mushthareege, B. Eydhafushi.

Authorities will continue with the search for the missing two and MNDF Information Officer Maj. Ibrahim Azim stated that the searches conducted by air were depending upon how the winds were. Efforts are also being made via sea.

MNDF recovered the dinghy involved in the accident in B. Atoll from the bottom of the sea today.