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Former President Yameen convicted of money laundering


The Criminal Court is scheduled to begin the sentencing hearing in the money laundering trial against Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom at 1:30 pm this Thursday.

He is accused of pocketing USD 1 million from the money due to MMPRC as acquisition cost for G. A. Vodamula by transferring it to one of his personal bank accounts, laundering the money, and attempting to hide its origins.

He was charged with money laundering on February 13. The trial began at the Criminal Court on April 25.

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Five year sentence, USD five million fine

The panel of judges sentenced the former President Abdulla Yameen to five years in jail in line with the request of the prosecutors in the case and also imposed a USD five million fine to be paid within six months.

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Prosecutors ask for five year sentence

State prosecutors asked for a five year sentence which is the most lenient sentence that can be handed down to the former President who has no criminal history.

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Former president Yameen found guilty of money laundering

Judge Ali Rasheed announced that the panel of judges found the former President guilty on the charges of money laundering against him.

The unanimous decision by the panel of judges came after 10 days of review and debate between the judges.

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Judge Ali Rasheed announced that the decision was reached unanimously by the panel of five judges who analyzed the case. He announced that the two elements of the crime that the former President is charged with were fulfilled according to the financial transactions of the case.

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The witness testimony presented by the state prosecutors in the case showed that transactions and investments occurred in the Islamic Bank account of former President Yameen’s for 36 months. The USD one million deposited to the account opened by ACC in Escrow originated from someone else.

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Former President Yameen's hearing live:

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Money laundering case against former President Yameen commences

The sentencing hearing of former President Abdulla Yameen has begun in the Criminal Court.

Former President Abdulla Yameen and his legal team as well as the state prosecutors are present in the court room.

Senior Judge Ali Rasheed is now stating the important points of the case after announcing the  commencement of the sentencing hearing.

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If convicted of money laundering, the former President Abdulla Yameen could face from 5 to 15 years in prison and a fine of MVR 100,000 to MVR 1 Million.

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Supporters are calling to stop the "Politically motivated trial" and to "arrest" Judge Ali Rasheed who is the senior judge of the Criminal Court and presides over the former President Yameen's trial in a panel of five judges.

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Opposition PNC leader and former MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla spoke to reporters near the Criminal Court and stated that the resignation of the Prosecutor General on the same day as the sentencing hearing of former President Yameen was proof that there were issues.

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President Yameen encouraged by supporters

Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom was accompanied by supporters as he left his residence to the Criminal Court. The former President entered the Criminal Court smiling and waving to his supporters who had gathered in the Criminal Court area.

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Senior PPM and PNC officials, along with a large number of President Yameen’s supporters have gathered outside the Criminal Court.


Yameen and his defense team arrive at Criminal Court to attend the sentencing hearing.