Council to fine boats docked against regulations

A sticker issued for a boat parked against the regulations. Male' city council will be issuing stickers for such violations on a regular basis.

Male’ city council will be issuing stickers for boats docked in Male’ harbor in violation of the regulations.

Male’ city council media officer Shathufa Shafeeu informed “Sun” today that the council usually issued stickers boats docked in the area of the harbor designated for ferries and boats docked in other areas of the harbor without permission.

“There are some instances when a boat is docked in the spot permitted for another boat when it sets out to sea. Boat owners can submit complaints when we issue stickers. The boat can only be docked in the spot after obtaining the permit issued by the council to dock in the spot and after the fine and harbor fee for the day is paid.” said Shathufa.

The council issued stickers to boats docked against the regulations in the north harbor of Villimale’ ferry terminal. A fine of MVR 100 is will be levied on the boats for the first offense, which will be increased to MVR 150 for the second instance. The fine will increase for each violation, according to the council.

Fees for docking varies for different locations in Male’ harbor and also takes into account the size of the boat and duration of its docking. The council changed the policy in which it investigated such cases which usually entailed a complaint from the public. The council will now check for such offenses regularly.