Pest dethrones Ali Rameez to become top artist on Lavafoshi

Ismail Ifham AKA Pest. (Photo/Lavafoshi)

The long reigning king on local music streamer Lavafoshi – Ali Rameez has been dethroned by young hip-hop artist Ismail Ifham AKA Pest.

Ali Rameez’s classics had continued to reign as the most streamed songs on Lavafoshi despite the artist’s retirement. He has, however, been pushed off the top spot and into second place by Pest, whose songs were streamed by 34,600 Lavafoshi users in the last 30 days.

Pest is a member of local hip-hop label Symbolic Records.

Originals by local artists, in addition to Pest, are widely popular on Lavafoshi - Maldives’ first music streaming application.