President: the Maldives will always work for peace

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at the United Nation's general assembly. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the Maldives remain committed to working with the international community for peace and prosperity.

The President’s remarks in the form of a message on the occasion of the 74th United Nations Day and assured that the Maldives would continue in its path of promoting the spirit of multilateralism and international cooperation.

“The United Nations Day reaffirms our belief in multilateral decision-making and diplomacy in achieving peaceful resolutions to conflict,”

“The United Nations has remained strong for 74 years since its foundation and is a constant reminder of the importance of shaping a shared future that benefits us all. The Maldives strongly believes in the United Nations, the principles and spirit of its Charter.” read the President’s message.

The President also stated that the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development is a holistic framework for the dignity of all, for a better life, in a safe, healthy and peaceful world and stated that the Maldives will remain steadfast in its commitment to the 2030 Agenda including the Paris Agreement, Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

“Despite the challenges we face, we are committed to solving the complex problems of our time through understanding, shared knowledge and multilateralism,” 

“Together, we can shape a better life for future generations, and step up to raise ambition for meaningful action, to reverse the detrimental changes to our planet and its biodiversity. The Maldives will continue to play its part to promote the spirit of multilateralism, and promote international cooperation and understanding to further peace and prosperity, for the benefit of us all.” stated the President in his message.

UN Day marks the anniversary of the United Nations Charter and has been celebrated on 24th October since 1948.