Fire lorries sent to 12 islands

Fire lorries donated by the Japanese government.

Fire lorries donated by the Japanese government have been sent to 14 fire stations located in 12 different islands across the Maldives. Around 24 vehicles and five speedboats were sent to the fire stations and will consist of 1500 liter water capacity vehicles and foam tender vehicles with a capacity of 200 liters and vehicles with a water capacity of 4000 liters.

The islands that received the vehicles are:

  • H.Dh Kulhudhuffushi
  • Lh. Naifaru
  • Thilafushi
  • A.Dh Maamigili
  • F. Nilandhoo
  • Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
  • L. Kahdhoo
  • G.Dh Thinadhoo
  • Gn. Fuvahmulah
  • Hithadhoo in Addu city
  • Hulhumeedhoo in Addu city
  • Male’ city area
Fire lorries donated by the Japanese government.

Out of these islands, only Male’ city and Hulhumale received Tender, a foam tender, Ladder trucks, and speedboats. Thilafushi and Kudahuvadhoo received one foam tender and one speedboat. Thinadhoo received one tender, one foam tender, and one speedboat. Meanwhile, Kulhudhuffushi, Kahdhoo, Hithadhoo, Fuvahmulah received one tender and one foam tender. Villimale’, Naifaru, Maamigili, Nilandhoo, and Hulhumeedhoo were sent one tender each.

The vehicles sent to these islands were donated by the Japanese government around December of last year.