Citizens appeal to President for justice to murder victim Anas

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is greeted upon arrival to R. Meedhoo by local residents on September 11, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

Residents of R. Meedhoo have appealed to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for justice to Mohamed Anas – a citizen of Meedhoo who was stabbed to death in Male’ City in 2017.

The appeal was made during a meeting between President Solih and residents of R. Meedhoo during his visit to the island this Wednesday.

In respond to the appeal, President Solih said that the Anas’ murder was under investigation by the Commission on Deaths and Disappearances, and voiced his commitment to obtaining justice for Anas’ family.

He spoke words of encouragement to Anas’ family and friends.

Anas was stabbed to death inside the Lotus Service Center in Male’ on July 31, 2017.

President, in his tour of R. Meedhoo, also met with members of the Meedhoo Council for discussions regarding planned government projects at the island.

He said the purpose of his meetings with the council and members of the Meedhoo community was to gain better insight into the development projects lacking in the island, and obtain the opinion of the local community regarding planned government projects.

Meedhoo Council and members of the local community voiced several key concerns; the need to develop the Meedhoo health center, the need to remedy waste management, the need to remedy land shortage, the need to remedy lack of sufficient housing, and the need to renovate and re-develop the island’s harbor.

They also voiced the desire to have the roads in Meedhoo developed, and to build a football field in the island.

Other topics discussed include the challenges faced by local social development NGOs, necessary developments to the island’s education system, and other development initiatives the island is in need of.

The President informed the Meedhoo Council and the local community regarding the latest updates on budgeted government projects, and the estimated dates on which the projects will be initiated.

He provided assurance the concerns voiced by the council and the local community will be remedied after discussions with relevant State agencies.