Home Ministry to provide aid for projects in four islands

Home Ministry has signed agreements with island councils to provide aid for projects in four islands.

The Home Ministry asked to submit proposals from island councils to gain financial aid of MVR 300,000 for community and development projects in different islands in February.

The Home Ministry has signed agreements with four island councils to provide aid of MVR 633,581. Each island will receive an amount that is allocated by the Ministry and the rest of the finances for the projects are to be covered by the island council.

The Home Ministry has entered into agreements with councils from A.A Himandhoo, N. Holhudhoo, Th. Vilufushi and N. Kudafari. The agreements with Vilufushi and Kudafari council were signed today.

Vilufushi council is constructing a children's park with the financial aid from the Ministry and will cost around MVR 289,131. Vilufushi council will spend around MVR 170,000 on this project. Kudafari council will set up lighting systems on the island's roads and will receive around MVR 300,000 from the Ministry while the council will also fund the project with MVR 251,642. 

A community park project being built in N. Holhudhoo will be provided MVR 284,450 by the Ministry with around MVR 216,000 being funded by the council. The agreement with the Holhudhoo council was signed on August 7.

A. A Himandhoo council also signed an agreement on August 7 to build a children's park on the island. The ministry will provide MVR 300,000 while the council will provide MVR 502,000 for the project.

State Minister Ali Naseer signed the agreements on behalf of the ministry while councilors from the islands signed the agreements on behalf of the island councils.

The Home Ministry stated that a total of 17 islands will receive funding from the ministry and include projects ranging from parks, lighting systems, cemetery renovations, and harbor lights.